DNA Genetic Testing for Health & Fitness


DNA tests to optimize your well being and health.


DNA tests to reveal your individual genetics and health risks.


DNA tests to improve your lifestyle choices.


DNA tests to identify skin predispositions for better skin.


Get All 3 Tests – Get The Big Picture.

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Here’s How It Works:

1. Start – Have your DNA analyzed to improve your health and life…today.
2. Order – You’ll receive your DNA test kit within a week.
3. Swab – Do the easy saliva swab sample yourself and send it back to us.
4. Analysis – Your DNA sample is compared to existing markers and information.
5. Results – You’ll receive your 3 DNA test results and information within six weeks
6. Consultation – Discover how to use your new DNA info for maximum results.

For Only $39.99 You Can Start Your Personalized DNA STUDY Today

A DNAGENETICA Health Test begins with a simple saliva test done from the comfort of your own home.

The DNAGENETICA Health Test is designed to optimize well being and health by personalizing lifestyle and diet choices and, where necessary, recommending supplements tailored to offset any particular nutritional deficit based on specific gene variants. The DNAGENETICA approach assists in establishing the optimal lifestyle choices for good health, longevity and disease risk mitigation.

DNAGENETICA tests for 36 gene variants involved in the following biological processes that have been linked to risk for diseases of lifestyle:

  • Cholesterol metabolism and risk for heart disease
  • Bone Health & risk for osteoporosis
  • Vitamin B Metabolism and risk for cancer
  • Inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Detoxification
  • Insulin Sensitivity and risk for diabetes
  • Food Responsiveness, including Lactose intolerance, Caffeine processing, Salt sensitivity and blood pressure & Iron overload disorders

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